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Recover the health with enhanced metabolic system

If you want to take off — and keep off — unwanted pounds, a healthy metabolism is your body’s best fat-burning friend. Find out which habits can make or break your body’s ability to produce energy from would-be pudge.

Unless you’re one of those rare folks blessed by the fast-metabolism gods, you’d probably like to burn a few more calories than you do – both while at work and at rest. The question is: How?

Metabolism is a mysterious animal, one affected by genetic factors as well as a complex interaction of lifestyle, nutrition and exercise habits. It’s worth understanding, though, because with a well-honed metabolism you can bolster your fat-burning and fitness-training regimens in remarkable ways. And a sluggish metabolism can blunt your most valiant weight-loss efforts.

Interested in optimizing your body’s fat-burning, energy-producing machinery? Start by learning just a little about how your metabolism works. Then take note of the key builders and busters that can work for or against your metabolism in powerful ways.

What is Metabolism?

In fitness circles, “metabolism” is often used interchangeably with “metabolic rate” to refer to the number of calories you burn in maintaining body functions and fueling your activities. But there’s more to metabolism than just calorie burning. Metabolism also encompasses chemical and physical reactions occurring in every one of your body’s tissues – from using proteins for muscle-building (called anabolism) to breaking down food into the proteins, fats and carbs that your body uses to fuel itself (called catabolism). You need both processes to develop strength and stamina and to build resistance to aging and disease.

Nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle factors, like sleep and stress, can all go a long way toward building or busting your metabolism. But keep in mind that many diseases, including thyroid disorders and diabetes, can interfere with metabolic processes. Talk to your doctor about ruling out such medical conditions if you suspect you might be affected by one, and do not significantly alter your exercise or nutrition program without consulting a health professional.

Metabolism builders and busters

In each of the three following categories – fitness, nutrition and lifestyle – we’ve highlighted the top two habits that can either shore up your metabolism or break it down. Metabolism “builders” boost caloric burn, promote anabolic growth or encourage the use of fat as a fuel source. “Busters,” conversely, slow the rate at which your body burns calories and fat – or they create excessive catabolic tissue breakdown, thus hindering fitness progress and, in some cases, contributing to injury or disease.

Different types of exercise enhance your metabolism in different ways. You’ll get the best results by combining them in a balanced program appropriate for your current fitness level.

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You may spend more time training in one zone than another based on your fitness level and specific goals. For the greatest range of metabolic benefits, though, incorporate all zones into your exercise program (unless you have a medical reason not to), either on separate days or in a single workout by using interval training.

But don’t neglect weightlifting and other forms of resistance work that help you build sleek, powerful muscles. For one thing, those muscles make you stronger (and thus make exercise easier). For another, accumulating lean tissue increases your body’s metabolic rate. That’s because, pound for pound, muscle burns more calories than fat.